Father Nicholas Jonas 
Responds to the BCBSR web page 
on Orthodox Christianity

Rev. Father John Ketchum - says the sources quoted don't represent the Orthodox position.
Father Nicholas Jonas - says the sources quoted do represent the Orthodox position.

My friend you have done an unjust representation of my(our) faith....that
is Orthodox Christianity.  Orthodoxy is more than reading books and
commenting on them.  Orthodoxy is a way of life that is founded upon Our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Apostles.  Orthodoxy is not merely
a word, but rather life and breath.  The Orthodox Church is not
"Orthodox" merely because it claims to be.  This is very simplistic.
Rather, Orthodoxy is historical...its Apostolic.  It has an unbroken
continuous link with the life, teachings, liturgical life & ethos of the
Church our Saviour established.  It is one and the same with that Church.

Wherever you are, I humbly suggest that before you put things in print
you properly and thoroughly research your material by not only reading
but by also speaking/interviewing an Orthodox priest or theologian.  I
assume that you love the truth and therefore I believe that you will do
justice to the Truth.

Father Nicholas Jonas

Dear "Mr" Nicholas Jonas,

Isn't it interesting in dealing with the elitist attitude of the religious elite in Matthew 23 Jesus commands against the usage of titles in religous matters such as the following: Matthew 23:9  "And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." As one of the religious elite in the Orthodox religion, how do you apply this to yourself "Mr" Nicholas Jonas?

And by the way concerning the web page on Orthodox Christianity, I was quoting Orthodox sources. If you disagree with what they say it seems to me that's more of an internal problem within your own institution. For example you can find the reference "I Believe - A Short Exposition of Orthodox Doctrine" at http://www.orthodoxinfo.com/general/i_believe.htm If you find that they have done an unjust representation of your faith, then maybe you should deal with them.

Steve Amato
The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources

Why so polemic my friend?  I just made some very simple but to the point comments.  I know very well the sources you quoted and I believe them with all my heart and soul because of the Trinitarian God they witness to.  I too can read many of the things Protestantism teaches and draw my own conclusions...period!  Or, as I have done with your material, I can read it and then choose to communicate with the author, as I have tried to do with you, my brother. I was really looking forward to receiving a good, well thought out, mature, loving, and Christian response.  I was honestly shocked at your slinging at me verses from the Holy Scriptures that you have carefully pulled out to support your beliefs, while neglecting other verses.  Is it not sacreligious to use scripture in this way?

I pray you will be interested in my humble offer to enter into dialogue...... if you aren't, well I guess there is always the "delete" button.

Father Nick
(p.s.  What do you call your male parent?  Do you not call him "Father"?)

You shouldn't feel offended at the Word of God. What did you expect from an evangelical Christian? Yes I freely admit that I have carefully pulled out a verse from scripture to support my beliefs, since after all that is where I derived my belief from to begin with. If you're offended by what Jesus said in Matthew 23:9 might I suggest the study guide http://www.bcbsr.com/survey/sgosp8.html  And is it really reckoned "sacreligious" in the orthodox religion to apply the scriptures to life?
Now as for my web page on Orthodoxy, you have noted that you know very the sources I quoted and believe them with all your heart and soul. That's interesting because I just got an email from a
Rev. Father John Ketchum Associate Pastor St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Des Plaines, IL saying that the sources don't represent the Orthodox faith. As I suggested previously maybe you Orthodox should get together and argue among yourselves until you come to some consensus as to what the Orthodox faith is and get back to me.

The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources Jul 29,2015