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Basic Christian Doctrine
BCBSR Theological Positions Compared
The Soteriology Series
Denominational Soteriologies
Understanding the Trinity
The Deity of Christ
The Holy Spirit
The Theory of Atonement
Imputed Guilt
Incompatible Views of God
Original Sin
Paul's Apostleship
Different Types of Christians
The Process of Conversion
Creation/Evolution Links
A Biblical View of Animals
A Biblical View of Unjustified Suffering

Eternal Security

Eternal Security?
Assurance of Salvation
Eternal Security and 2Tim 2:11-12
Measuring Your Salvation Status
Identifying Children of God
Positions concerning Perseverance
Conditional Verses Concerning Salvation
A Debate over Eternal Security
Another Debate over Eternal Security


The Evolution of Heresies
Jordan Peterson
A Categorization of Salvation Theologies
Wm Paul Young's The SHACK
If You're Not a Berean, Here's Your Sign
.Anti-Berean Churches

Reformed Theology

Irenaeus on Free Will
Faith & Regeneration
Election and Predestination
Heresies of Calvinism
The Implications of Calvinism
God's Foreknowledge and Determinism
The Murder of Servetus
Calvin's Style of Arguing
Antinomian Lutheranism
Calvin on Free Grace and Perseverance
Faith a Gift?
Infant Baptism
Discussions with Calvinists
Uncompassionate Theology

Free Grace Theology

Free Grace Theology vs The Bible
MacArthur vs. Ryrie
Phillip Simpson's Rebuttal of Free Grace Theology
More Articles Rebutting Free Grace Theology
Witness Lee's Local Church - An Example of FGT
The Plymouth Brethren - The Origin of FGT
Degrees of Sin/Punishment
Interpretations of 1John3:9
Behavior a Measure of Salvation Status
John MacArthur's Purgatory
John MacArthur's Unfruitful Sermon

Arminian Theology

Legalistic Arminianism and Perfectionism
Sinless Perfection
A Response to Hyper-Wesleyanism
A Response to the Neo-Circumcision


Other Deviations from Biblical Theology

The Egalitarian Heresy
Christian Hedonism
Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life"
The Protestant Purgatory
A Critique on Modern Evangelicalism
The Leaven of Ultradispensationalism
The Word Faith Movement
What the Cults Say
Mediums and the Occult
Orthodox Christianity
Scrutinizing Religious Institutions
Institutionalized Christianity
How to Preach a Bad Sermon
Evangelical Feminism and Culture
The Neo-Circumcision

Church History

A View of Church History
.Corruption of the Early Church
The Early Church Theologians
What the Early Christians Said


The Rapture
Revelation Study

The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources