I have a job I do each day the workplace they call it at least thatís what they say.
To me it is more itís my mission field. Oh I do my job and I do it well but where people are there is a story to tell.

You see Iím accepted wherever I go. People like me right away you know. They say Iím  a really nice person and funny. They like my laugh, say Iím cheerful and sunny. Iíve been told by some that IĎm a really good friend.  Others seem to know me somehow. They say you look so familiar Iím sure weíve met somewhere before.

But I never knew them, (thatís something my Savior said). Probably many think he is familiar too and they are sure they know him, but does he know you?

Oh, how I want people to see the love of God for them in me. And even though they do and like having me around, when they find out where my joy comes from they suddenly frown.

Oh no, sheís one of them they say! Sheíll try to convert you we must keep away! She is a really nice person though but her talk about the Word of God thatís got to go!

The workplace can be a very strange place. For me itís a place where I grow in grace. It is so strange though how dirty jokes can be spread with cheer. But the Word of God Ė theyíll kick you out of there.

Your not like them they thought you were. Now they avoid you at every turn.They try to act the same to you as before. But your not the same to them anymore.

I do my job and I do it well. Iíve got recommendation letters and all but if a survey about me were taken about dislikes, sad to say it would be all about my faith!

What a fearful and confused world we live in today. People want love, people want peace, but they donít want the true source of their release.

They tell me Iím very religious you know. Iím not religious, I love my Lord and my God! They say, ďOh I have my own relationship with God too,Ē but get mad if I want to discuss it with them. They say thatís private for each to decide and keep to themselves. Why do they hide? A faith you believe in? In God you say. Only for Sundays? What a shame.

I can talk about God at church but at the workplace he has no worth. Itís ok to spread his name as a swearword throughout the day though and curse him even out loud without fear of being fired or disliked. Some cursers are even admired with delight.

For taking a stand for sin is acceptable but donít mention Jesus at work itís not his place.  Put him back where he belongs (they gloat) not in the human race. Heís a statue in the church you only seek him when in need. Not at the workplace, this is the playing field.
Where people become who they really are. Even Christians somehow from their God seem so far!

Well, Iím sorry. No! I donít apologize. Iím sorry for you who wear a disguise. You try to live two separate lives. One in sin and one in religious life. But the two cannot be lived together as one. Your going to have to choose one!

Live for sin if thatís what you choose. But donít say you know God and have a religion too! The workplace is not an escape from right living. It is actually a place that reveals what is hidden. Oh, I know, business is business itís my job during the week. They go to church on Sunday and sin the rest of the week!

What a sad, sad time we live in today. Where the Creator of all things is treated like a tray. A tray, you say? Yes, a tray. You only use it for your convenience them fold it up and put it away. And you never bring a tray to work. At least as far as Iíve seen. Unless its used to put something on, a decoration or something obscene.

The Lord of the Universe, Jesus Christ, who came to earth and died. Is killed everyday in the workplace still and constantly put on trial.

Oh, how can you say these things they say, who do you think you are! You shouldnít be judging others you know. (That comment seems strange to me somehow.) For I am judge and evaluated if I mention Jesus name. In the workplace you just do your job but if you talk about God your insane.

Well, I gladly take my place with all the others you look at the same. For Jesus warned us ďIf they rejected me to you they will do the sameĒ But rejoice and be glad for great is your reward  in heaven for the persercution you endure!Ē

Yes, I do my job and I do it well. I work as unto the Lord. I go to work with Jesus everyday to a working world where he is rejected still!

**written by Deborah L. Ricciardelli
   (one of the Lordís workers)