Dealing with Arguments used to Justify Murdering Babies

It's My Body

1. First Assumption is that you own yourself, which is not the case. God owns you.

2. Second Assumption is that the fetus/baby living in you is your body, which it isn't. You have a unique DNA code. And that DNA sequence is the same in every cell of your body. But the fetus living in you has a different DNA code. So "it" is not your body.

Therefore this whole pro-abortionist premise is false.

It's a Parasite

This view justifies abortion on the basis that the fetus/baby is like a bug that you can arbitrarily squish. They may argue that it's not "human" until it stops becoming a parasite, but they arbitrarily assign when that occurs. For example they may argue that it's not human until it's viable outside the womb. But in fact the baby is not viable outside the womb apart from human intervention (what, it's going to feed itself?). And this is the case whether inside or outside the womb.

The idea of children being parasites is the most common reason for aborting them. The woman can argue that the child will be a parasite to her for the rest of her life. It would suck the life out of her. Getting pregnant she'll lose her figure. It will suck on her finances, her time and energy. And not only is the potential physical health of the mother used to justify discarding this parasite, but also, and more commonly, her MENTAL HEALTH. The potential for the parasite driving her crazy and interfering with her ambitions in life leads her to discard the parasite.

It's a Woman's Right

The parasite argument is largely a feminazi argument, a succinct term coined by Rush Limbaugh exclusively referring to abortion. For if babies are arbitrarily classified as parasites, one could classify anyone as such, like Jews. The presumption they have is confusing legal rights with what is morally right. Under Hitler one may have the legal right to murder Jews, but that doesn't make it morally right.

Furthermore bringing up issues of law justifies the general public to get involved in this issue seeing as the idea of babies as inhuman parasites is being imposed by law onto the general public. And one cannot argue that you can believe what you want about the status of babies, as long as mothers are allowed to kill them. What if you didn't believe babies were parasites and took action to defend them. Then you would be at odds with the law. If Jews were reckoned inhuman parasites and people were given the legal right to kill them, then to defend a Jew from being murdered would be illegal. Thus the justification of "rights" is to be discarded as a form of Naziism.

A pro-abortion bumper sticker states, "Against Abortion? Don't have one", which is equivalent to "Against killing Jews? Don't kill them." Abortion is the leading cause of death in America. 1 in 4  American's die of abortion. It's even worse in other countries.

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