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Laws of the Central Sanctuary  12:1-28 
Laws of Idolatry  12:29-13:18 
Laws of Food  14:1-21 
Laws of Tithes  14:22-29
Laws of Debts  15:1-11 
Laws of Slaves  15:12-18 
Laws of FirstBorn  15:19-23 
Laws of Feasts  16:1-17
Laws of Administration 
The Judges  16:18-17:13 
The King  17:14-20 
The Priests  18:1-8 
The Prophets  18:15-22
Accidental and Intentional Homicide  19:1-14 
Witnesses  19:15-21 
War  20:1-20 
Untraced Homicides  21:1-9 
Public execution of the Rebellious Son  21:22-23 
Responsiblility for the design of safe environments  22:8
Laws of Marriage  
Captive Wife  21:10-14 
Preferential Treatment among Multiple Wives  21:15-17 
Accusations against the Wife  22:13-21 
Adultery, Rape and premarital sex  22:22-30 
Divorce  24:1-4
Newly Weds  24:5
Prohibited mixtures  22:5,8-11 
Sexual wholeness and genetic purity 
as requirements for membership in God's community.
Sexual purity and cleanliness in the military camp.  23:9-14 
Prohibition of cult prostitutes.  23:17-18
Lost and Found  22:1-4 
The Escaped Slave  23:15-16 
Charging Interest  23:19-20 
Vows to God  23:21-23 
Limits on taking from neighbors  23:24-25 
Collateral  24:6 
Kidnapping  24:7
Fairness to one's fellow as regards 
both his substance and his dignity
Leprosy  24:8-9 
Just treatment of deptor  24:10-13 
Just treatment of employees  24:14-15 
Death for one's own crime  24:16 
Justice and charity for the stranger, orphan and widow  24:17-22 
Justice in corporal punishment  25:1-3 
Not muzzle the ox  25:4
Brother to marry the widow  25:5-10 
Wife intervening in brother's fight  25:11,12 
Separate weights and measures. 

I Worship no other gods Have Single minded devotion to God 
II Worship no images  Do not misrepresent God. Let God define Himself 
III Respect the Lord's name Respect God's Authority and Reputation 
IV Observe Sabbath  Give God your Time both for you to speak to Him 
and for Him to speak to you 
V Honor parents Give Deference to God's Hierarchical Structures in Society 
VI Don't murder  Respect God's Design of Human Life 
VII Don't commit adultery  Respect God's Design of the Marriage Relationship 
VIII Don't steal  Respect others as equals with regards to their substance which God has provided to them 
IX Don't bear false witness  Respect others as equals with respect to their dignity and reputation as all are equally valuable to God 
X Don't covet other people's things And if you manage to do all these in word and deed, then do so in desire and thought

More Detailed
  • All loans are cancelled every 7 years 
  • But not to foreigners 
  • Except if there are no poor 

  • [This indicates that the intention of the law was soley to benefit the poor]
  • You are required to make loans to the poor among you 
  • manner:you are to open your hand wide to the poor sufficient for his need
  • Hebrew slaves may only serve for 6 years 
  • When they leave you are to provide for them liberally 
  • Although he can decide to stay in your service permanently
  • You shall sanctify all first born males of your flock 
  • They shall do no work nor be shorn 
  • They shall be sacrificed and eaten 
  • However if they have a defect, they shall not be sacrificed, only eaten
  • But you shall not eat the blood 
  • sacred assembly
  • Observe the Passover (Mar-Apr) 
    • sacrifice the passover lamb 
    • eat unleavened bread (the bread of affliction) for 7 days 
    • at the location God chooses 
    • the 7th day shall be a sacred assembly to the Lord
  • The Feast of Weeks (7 weeks after harvest) (May-Jun) (Pentacost - first fruits) 
    • Offer free will offerings 
    • sacred assembly - rejoicing + giving
  • The Feast of Tabernacles (ingathering) (Sept-Oct) 
    • observed for 7 days
    • when you have gathered from threshing floor and wine press 
    • sacred assembly - rejoicing + giving
  • Their Appointment 
    • judge justly 
    • not pervert justice 
    • not show partiality 
    • nor take a bribe 

    • (a bribe: blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the righteous)
  • Their Judgment 
    • Trees (as wooden images) shall not be planted near the Lord's altar. 
    • Those who worship and serve other gods are to be stoned to death 
    • Death penalty requires at least two witnesses 
    • The witnesses shall "cast the first stones" 
    • For difficult judments, the judges shall defer to the priests, 

    • Levites and to the judge at the Holy Place 
    • Those who don't listen to such will be put to death 

    • [Those who hear will fear and not act presumptuously]
  • His Appointment 
    • God's choice, not yours 
    • not a foreigner
  • His Activities 
    • Shall not multiply horses to himself 
    • Shall not multiply wives to himself .
    • Shall not multiply silver and gold to himself 
    • With respect to this book of the law: 
      • He shall copy it 
      • It shall be with him 
      • He shall read it all the days of his life
  • Their inheritance: none 
  • Their provision: from the offerings and sacrifices 
  • Their activities: 
    • Not practicing: witchcraft, soothsaying, interpreting omens, 

    • sorcery, conjuring spells. 
    • Not being a medium, spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.
  • Promise to send The Prophet (Christ) 
  • False Prophets shall die 
    • Those who speak in God's name but what God has not commanded 
      • as evidenced that what is prophecied doesn't happen 
    • Those who speak in the name of other gods
Accidental and Intentional Homicide Deut 19:1-14 Nu 35:9-28 
    Cities of refuge for accidental manslaughter 
      If innocent, must remain in the city until the death of the high priest. 
      If outside city limits, can be killed by avenger of blood.
Witnesses Deut 19:15-21
    2-3 witnesses required false witnesses to suffer penalty of the accused 
    (eye for eye, tooth for tooth)
Warfare Deut 20:1-20 
    Don't be afraid. Relieve from military service if: 
      Just built a new house and need to dedicate it 
      Planted a vineyard and not eaten of it 
      Betrothed but not married 
      fearful or fainthearted
    Cities far away: Offer peace before invading 
      if accepted require tribute 
      else kill every male and everything and everyone else take as plunder
    Cities within in the inheritance: Let nothing that breathes remain alive 
      (Neither Hittite, Perizzite, Hivite, Jebusite or Bud Lite!) 
      Why? Lest they teach you do to according to their abominations 
      which they have done for their gods.
    Beseiging a city: Don't cut down trees that produce edible fruit.
Unknown Murder Deut 21:1-9 
  • Elders of nearest city shall provide a sacrifice 
  • Shall wash their hands over the cow pronouncing 

  • their innocence and ignorance of the murderer 
  • Shall ask God to provide atonement
The Rebellious Son 
  • Son: stubborn, rebellious, not obey his father or mother 

  • even when they chasten him 
  • Shall bring him to the elders at the city gate and declare 

  • "This son is stubborn and rebellious and will not obey; 
    he is a glutton and a drunkard" 
  • All the men of the city shall stone him to death . (All Israel will hear and fear)
Death by Hanging 
  • Can't leave on the tree over night 
  • else you will defile the land 
  • he who is hanged is accursed of God
Safe Designs 
  • When build a house, must put a fence around the roof 
  • else the owner is guilty of blood if someone falls from it 
Taking a wife 
  • The wife of captivity Deut 21:10-14 Test whether you really like her. 
  • The wife of rape Deut 22:28,29
  • Can divorce on the basis of uncleanness Deut 24:1 
  • Can never divorce if: 
    • premarital sex before betrothal Deut 22:29 
    • falsely accusing wife of not being a virgin when married Deut 22:13-19 
  • If divorced, cannot remarry the same person Deut 24:4
The Penalty of Adultery (whether married or betrothed): Death Deut 22:20-24

Multiple Wives Deut 21:15-17 

Cross-dressing Deut 22:5 (abomination (08441): disgusting)

Exclusion from the assembly due to sexual impurity 
or lacking genetic wholeness Deut 23:1-8

  • damaged genitals 
  • born illegitimately (10 gen) (John 8:41) 
  • descendants of Ammonites or Moabites (10 gen) 
  • however Edomites and Egyptians can enter assembly
Cult Prostitutes Deut 23:17-18 (Rev 2:20; 17:5)
  • Obviously you are not to go to a temple prostitute

  • (Foreign religions often had prostitues in their temples)
  • You are forbidden to become one 
  • You cannot bring their earnings into the house of God 

  • nor for any religious purpose
Human Excrement Deut 23:9-14
  • Bury your excrement out of the sight of God
Other illicit mixtures Deut 22:9-11 
  • two kinds of seeds 
  • ox and donkey unequally yoked (2Cor 6:14) 
  • combining wool and linen
Lost and Found Deut 22:1-4 

The Escaped Slave Deut 23:15-16

Charging Interest Deut 23:19-20

Vows to God Deut 23:21-23 

Limits on taking from neighbors Deut 23:24,25 Example: Luke 6:1

Collateral Deut 24:6

Kidnapping Deut 24:7

  • to be punished by death - only if treats victim like slave or sells 
  • App: Gen 37:28 Joseph

Fairness to one's fellow as regards 
both his substance and his dignity

Leprosy Deut 24:8-9 
  • Lev 13 - extensive discussion of leprosy 
  • Don't assume just any skin imperfection indicates uncleanness 
Debtor Deut 24:10-13
  • Let debtor bring colatoral to you 
  • The poor are basically exempt from colatoral
Employees Deut 24:14-15
  • Pay wages in timely fashion
Death for one's own crime Deut 24:16 2Ch 25:4; 2Ki 14:5; Ezek 18:20 

Justice and Charity for the stranger, ophan, and widow 24:17-22

Justice in Corporal punishment Deut 25:1-3

  • no more than 40 lashes (symbolic significance) else inhumane treatment 
Not muzzle the ox Deut 25:4 
Brother to marry the widow Deut 25:5-10

Wife intervening in husband's fight Deut 25:11-12

Separate weights and measures Deut 25:13-16

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