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Old Testament Categorized


The Torah

(The Law of Moses)

Genesis Beginnings
Exodus From Egypt to the Law
Leviticus Ceremonial Sanctification
Numbers Desert Wanderings
Deuteronomy Applications of the Law


Joshua Taking the Promise Land
Judges Falling and getting up
Ruth David's Moabite Grandmother
1Samuel Saul's Reigns 
and persecutes David
2Samuel David Reigns
1Kings The divided Kingdom
1Chronicles The divided Kingdom - 
a Priestly perspective
Ezra Return from Exile:
The Priest & the Law
Nehemiah Return from Exile:
The Administrator & the Wall
Esther Israel delivered by a Jewish-Persian Princess


Job When bad things happen to good people
Psalms Prayer and Praise
Proverbs Wise Living
Ecclesiastes The Vanity of Life
Song of Solomon Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Major Prophets

Isaiah Prophecies of Judgment and Salvation
Jeremiah Prophecies leading up to the Babylonian capt.
Lamentations Lamenting for the captivity
Ezekiel Visions during the Captivity
Daniel Prophecies of human history

Minor Prophets

Hosea Prophecies to Israel
Joel Prophecies to Judah
Amos Prophecies to Israel
Obadiah Prophecies to Edom
Jonah Reluctant Prophet to Ninevah
Micah Prophecies to Israel
Nahum Prophecies to Ninevah
Habakkuk God's limited toleration
Zephaniah Prophecies against the nations and
prophecies of repentance and restoration.
Haggai Prophecies of Restoration
Zechariah Restoration and judgment
Malachi Exhortations to the remnant

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