BCBSR History

I, Steve Amato, created the BCBSR in 1996 to provide Bible Study guides for the Boston Chinese Bible Study Group. At that time the site was known as the Boston Chinese Bible Study Resources, but as of 1999 I expanded it for the broader Christian community and renamed it the Boston Christian Bible Study Resources, and later the Berean Christian Bible Study Resources keeping the same acronym. I use "Berean" to reflect the hermeneutical approach we take with regards to Bible study, as opposed to those who take a denominationally indoctrinated approach in which some pledge allegiance to the point of view of some post-Biblical theologian. Though even the Reformers failed to follow their own cliche "Sola Scriptura", we have attempted to do so. The Chinese translations were done by a friend of mine, Lin San, who has also worked with The Chinese Christian Internet Mission and is also working on the O-Bible site.

I became a Christian in college in the late 1970's through a discipleship ministry loosely associate with the Navigators. I have no seminary training. I've work as an Engineer and done my own lay ministry on the side free of charge. Retired now. I've been ministering for over 40 years, particularly in the Chinese Christian community. I've taught Sunday school classes, given lectures, preached sermons, debated on forums, and discipled couples and individuals in the Evangelical community. My general theological positions can be view at: BCBSR Theology

The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources