Pray for Christian Workers

The following is derived from specific requests made by the Apostle Paul, from his description of his own ministry,  and what he says concerning character qualities of Christian leadership

What to pray for:

1. Concerning their Labor

that they may be free from hinderances
that they may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men.
that the Word may have free course and be glorified.
that their service might be acceptable to the Christian community
that laborers may be sent to those locations where there is a harvest waiting to be reaped.
that opportunities may open up for them to communicate the message
that they may have wisdom and boldness in communicating the message

2. Concerning their Motivation

that they may be motivated out of love
that they may seek to please God and abstain from seeking glory from men
that they would not be greedy nor obsess over material desires and concerns

3. Concerning their Perspective

that they may have a vision for young believers to walk worthy of God in love and holiness
that they may have a vision for the gospel to be known
        in places where either it hasn't be introduced or
        where people have had an inadequate knowledge of it.

4. Concerning their Character

That they be:
Just and fairminded
An example to the believers in: word, conduct, love, spirit, faith. and purity
Soberminded and reasonable
Having a well-ordered life
Able to teach
Having a pure heart
Having a good conscience
Having a sincere faith
Faithful in all things
Showing themselves to be a pattern of good works
Not reproachable
Not given to wine
Not overindulgent
Not covetous
Not greedy for money
Not quarrelsome
Not violent
Not double-tongued
Not a slanderer
Prayer that they may treat the young believers
          Gentlly Cherishing them, Affectionately longing for them
          Establishing their hearts in faith
          Exhorting Encouraging and Commanding them for their edification

The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources Jan 29,2022