Another Local Church Responder

I was broght to the Lords recovery in South America, I was a Pastor, A Baptist Pastor, untill I got a hold of Watchman Nee writings,  contrary of you I read Watchman Nee books with much detail, each one of them , trough his teaching , I found that denominations, organizations are wrong, what I learn was that every single beliver is a brother or sister , we have been baptize in the the same Espirit and drink of him, they are part of the only body of Christ whoevers believes diferent is a sectarian, this is the way that I was thought in South America, were currently are more than 1800 churches, and we do not quote witness Lee wrintings, as you so well discribed in your wrintings, I do believe firmly in calling upon the name of the Lord and Know that is a teaching in the entire Bible, is not a teaching taking from verses out of contest, maybe the best recovery done by Lee, and regarding to what you called purgatory and the relationship with Nee interpetration of the millenium discipline, as a brother I ask you to read it again, he has a chapter called faith and works read it.. As a brother I asked you before, and as a brother I come to you with the hope that I may find some confort. Is 5 years that I was excommunicated here in North America of the Church were I was meeting, and still my heart is burning with suffering, I was Charismatic but not a good polititian as you descrived yourself, I wont just repeat as a tape recorded Lee's teaching especially those who are very irrationall, well that was enough and I was kick out, no one visit , no one restorative word, situation in north America is diferent from South America in many ways, there most of the brothers are fill of the word of God and revelelation not only the leading one but the vast majority. Is totally diferent. Because if you don't know this you don't know the picture as a whole of  the Lords recovery. Recovery meaning the recovery of truthsthat were lost calling upon the name of the Lord is one of them, not of the experience of Christ, because we know for sure that in the denominations as well in the Catholic Church are those who have a real experience with the Lord starting with the Judicial redemption as well the life aspect of it. Brother Lee has said so many things, but there is only have in the recovery that take his word as you decribed it, and I know myself that is truth, but you are not fare with the other half. Therefore what you have seen is only half of it You should go to Brasil for the conference then you will have the whole picture and will speak with authotity. Your website wich I'm reading with much care, sees only half. And stereotype the whole recovery because the  dead experiance of the americans is not good before God .A Word of advice , You shulden't be so bold speaking in the way that you do it because the american brothers they will bring you to court as soon they find out who you are. I will say that to touch them has more consequeences than to touch Christ. So brother get the whole picture, because what is expresed here in America is far off of what is the Truth Recovery. SEnd me and email. I had been for fiften years in North America, if you want only the truth I can be of some Help.I have tapes. Sorry for the ansewer of Steve to me you can ask and I will ansewr God bless.

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Edition: Jul 29,2015