Another Local Church Responder

I think you went to the meetings to find something for you but you found only Christ but becuase you were looking some other things you didn´t have another choice than putting this on the internet. But sorry to tell that you are just another loser on the internet trying to stop this but sorry you won´t be able niether the Devil behind you.
  So i just have to tell you to repent and come back to real church. "The Lord is not building His church in Christendom, which is composed of the apostate Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant denominations. This prophey is being fulfilled through the Lord's recovery in which the building of the genuine church is being accomplished."
  i know this commentary is true because i was there and i din´t find anything of the building up of the body of Christ but here we are doing this. And i think you know this.

In Christ, Me.

The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources

Edition: Jul 29,2015