Another Critique from 
an Ex-Local Church Participant

Hello sir,

I would like to thank you very much for creating such an informative site as and in particular the page that documents the teachings of the Local Church and Witness Lee. You provide a lot of useful information that helps understand the way the Local Church operates.

When I came to University I was deceived by members of the Local Church there. They said that they're simply a non-denominational Christian group and so I went to at least five Bible studies with them. I later began to see that something wasn't right because they told me how the Catholics and Protestants (including all Protestant denominations) are spiritual fornicators. The people with whom I studied liked to chant "O Lord Jesus" which didn't seem normal to me. They also refused to use anything but their Recovery Version Bible. I am glad that now I know what it is going on.

Thanks again


The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources Jul 29,2015