A Local Church Visitor

Steve, we just spent the last year and half fellowshipping in the Recovery. From the beginning we didn't like all the excessive chanting of everyone saying "a-men" and "oh Lord Jesus". Sheesh!!!! It finally reached a frenzied crescendo with us and we said enough is enough and left. The Lord led us to your web-site and now we say "a-men" to absolutely everything you've written concerning the Local Church/Nee and Lee!

My wife and I are both intense and cerebral thinkers and were recently told by a saint that we're all choked and not able to flow and that we need to attend more meetings and start touching our spirit. We were told the way to do this is to know that our spirit is connected to our tongue and start calling out to The Lord with the rest of the saints. NO THANKS!!!! I'm not a mindless chanter repeating vain petitions endlessly!!!

On a different note: The God that Nee/Lee describe is a mean parent who says He loves His kids but that He ends up abusing them by burning them in order to help them get to know Him better---how twisted is that?!?! You helped us really focus and understand that. I do believe The Lord led us to "the Saints" so that we would actually see what the Father isn't. The Lord reminded us of the parable recently of the prodigal son. The father in the story is how our Heavenly Father

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