An Ex-Local Church Responder

Dear Brother Steve,

I am your old friend  :-) At one point we were engaged in the sometimes heated discussion of Witness Lee and his teachings. I hope you remember me, and I hope you still use this e-mail address.

I would like to inform you that I left Witness Lee's denomination. As I was ardently defending this group to you, I think you should know. I am very thankful that you spent your time with me, some things that you shared I kept in my mind and it was helpful. I still keep your letters, and I am going to reread them. I just now looked through the 1st letter you sent me, and I was struck by how accurate your description of this group was, and how blind I was not to see it.

I especially liked your description of the true Berean Bible study, when every one is free to share his view, and not one view is to be accepted just because it is endorsed by a respected teacher. The saints I fellowship with now are trying to have this attitude. The Lord already blessed us with much light from His Word.

May the Lord bless you richly

The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources

Edition: Jul 29,2015