The Following Jesus Series

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The Following Jesus Series is an attempt at developing applications to the Christian life by viewing Christ's life allegorically or as a paradigm for the Christian life. This is not an overview of the gospels. It is assumed that the reader is a Christian and has some familiarity with the gospels already, and wishes to walk as Jesus did. If we were to walked as Jesus did, what would our lives look like? If we were to talk as Jesus did, how would our speech differ from what it is presently? There is a popular saying presently in the Christian community, "What would Jesus do?". Better to first ask the question, "What did Jesus do?".

These study guides have been written by me, Steve Amato, and to the best of my knowledge all copyright restrictions have been observed concerning quotes from the NIV translation.  As such I make these available in the public domain free of charge.

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