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Turning the Tables

Isaiah 51:21-23
Therefore hear this, you afflicted one, made drunk, but not with wine. This is what your Sovereign LORD says, your God, who defends his people: "See, I have taken out of your hand the cup that made you stagger; from that cup, the goblet of my wrath, you will never drink again. I will put it into the hands of your tormentors, who said to you, ‘Fall prostrate that we may walk over you.’ And you made your back like the ground, like a street to be walked over."


The "afflicted" ones he speaks of are those who drunk of the wine of God's wrath. They sinned and God disciplined them. But as I mentioned in the previous meditation, the Lord loves those whom he disciplines. Israel was sent into captivity. But its captors went too far and dealt with Israel unjustly. Now God was going to turn the tables. Though a man is cursed of the Lord as discipline for sin, others must beware not to "kick a man when he is down", lest when the discipline is finished God turns on you.

"You will never drink it again". Does this mean they will never again be in need of such discipline? Indeed there will come a time when God brings sanctification to his people, and so it must be. For unless a person is not simply reformed, but transformed, then how will one behave with perfect and lasting holiness in the presence of God?

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